• Potentiostats
  • impedance spectroscopy
  • Ring-disk electrode
  • 3D Micropotential measurements

Environmental corrosion:

  • Cabinet
  • Salt Spray chambers
  • Corrosive gases
  • Liquid Salt mixtures

Stress corrosion cracking:

  • Chlorides; Sour gas
  • Proof rings - Capability of running 50 tests concurrently
  • Bent beam Tests - Capability of running 200 tests concurrently
  • C-Ring Test - Capability of running up to 50 rings concurrently
  • Double Cantilever Beam - Capability of running 3 beams concurrently

SSRT Slow strain Rate testing:

  • Immersion in H2S atmospheres and gas mixtures up to 350 bars and 450°C

Heat treatment furnaces with and without shielding gases:

  • Up to 1350°C


  • Light microscopes
  • SEM with EDX and WDX
  • Surface roughness


  • From 0,2 up to 325 l volume, 350 bars and 450 °C

Mechanical testing:

  • Tensile Testing 1000 kN, RT up to 1150°C
  • Impact testing 300 J
  • Creep testing up to 1250°C
  • CTOD-Laboratory

Wear testing:

  • Sand/Rubber wheel ASTM G65
  • Miller ASTM G75
  • Solid Particle Impingement ASTM G76
  • Block-on-Ring ASTM G77
  • High pressure and temperature testing on Tubular Goods 
  • Internal pressure
  • Axial loads
  • Temperature
  • Trorsion
  • Bending
  • Make-up and break-out tests

DN co-operates with the Clausthal University of Technology. By means, the engineering and testing capability is extended to the whole range of dynamic testing 

and chemical analysis, including sophisticated physical methods like Auger spectroscopy, XPS, SIMS, IR/UV/Vis spectroscopy and others more.