The DN-Institute has international reputation as consultants in the fields of material science.

The institute was established as a materials laboratory in 1983 by scientists and technicians who left the Clausthal University of Technology. In 1990, an independent materials testing institute was established: The Institute for Materials Testing and Materials Technology Dr. Neubert GmbH. This institute, too, is a privately owned independent organisation and in 1992 accredidated according EN 45001 as one of the earliest materials testing institutes in Germany.

The scientists of DN are involved in lectures and research programmes of the University. Our knowledge of the industry has been accumulated since 1970 and today our senior and associate consultants have a lot of industrial experience in different industries.

Our expertise comprises a wide range of material science, including metallurgy, corrosion, as well as production techniques like foundry engineering, welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding, from the design level to quality ensurance.

Independence - Confidence - Experience

Providing our clients with the service they require, DN enjoys the reputation of truly independent, confidential and authoritative consultants, conscious of cost and quality. Our good standing is a result of scrupulously adhering to above commitments. To meet all these requirements, DN assembled a fine blend of highly qualified corrosion engineers, materials scientists, metallurgical technologists and experienced industrial consultants, commercially managed with a full-time professional staff. All are dedicated to developing and applying state-of-the-art solutions to client's technical problems.

Service activities are divided between short-term commissions, consultancy, feasibility studies, and research and development. Besides our brains, a sophisticated range of equipment and facilities supports fast work, reliable in its results. Extensive programmes of industrial and government sponsored research and development on the one side and personal interlacing with the Clausthal University of Technology continually reinforce the above capability as You would expect from leading consultants and scientists.