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Academically colloquium

Here you will find an article from „World of metallurgy – Erzmetall  (2010) no.2“ reporting the tribute of Professor Dr. Volkmar Neubert as a top-ranking scientist, on the occasion of his 65. birthday.

2012 Industry Innovation Award given by the cooperative bank

ZfW (Zentrum für Funktionswerkstoffe) member of the Neubert group was awarded first price for the development of the first world-wide Magnesium alloy for implants.

Magnesium-based implants-compression screws

Reports in Journals and Newspapers from 2013 on the first implant from an absorbable magnesium alloy produced in Clausthal.

Cooperation agreement with the Charles University Prague

On December15th 2014 the DN-Institut Clausthal and the Charles University Prague entered into an agreement to establish a network for young scientists and to assist in tough cooperation in the fields of materials science and corrosion.